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My nickname is Tony and I've been playing basketball professionaly for several years, but never got to a higher European tournaments level and eventually I had to leave this sport as I haven't had enough tallent and the money I was getting didn't satisfy me. I was getting to know with the betting industry while playing basketball and saw an opportunity for myself to make living out of it. And I did. I've retired from professional basketball several years ago and started betting seriously. Of course I had to overcome many difficulties, many downs and many burned money, had to try betting on soccer, all other sports until I found a way for optimising my profit. Since 2009 I am betting only on basketball and having 1-5 main picks a day which I place big amount of money and can assure you this is the best way for me to stay in big profit - not placing 20 big bets at one day. Of course the experience I've got on the court, the friends among players and staff helps me in a major way among the leagues and that is why I'm now having no less than 20% of profit for the 3rd season in a row. During those years I've discovered "tips websites", I was checking them and this summer decided to make one for myself and show what basketball picks should be all about. Sorry, I can not write down my real name, teams I've played for and other information due to "bookies business" and due to all those talks about fixed basketball matches, etc.


About TonyPicks.com


First of all - no, I am not running betaid for soccer picks, no, I am not running rakasbets for basketball picks, no, I am not running mybigpartner for betting picks and other websites that might look similar to TonyPicks. I was looking for a proper website this summer and found a man that has already made several websites for betting which I really liked. So he created me TonyPicks.com with several changes and I am more than satisfied with his work. I wanted it to be simple to use and I think it is. All visitors are able to check all website except "Picks" section which is only for registered members. I am giving over 3 months for free use, so everyone is able to register at the website and I am activating the accounts as soon as possible. When the site will be paid (most probably start of December), you will have to register, make a payment and only then I will activate your account.
All new picks are now sent by email automatically, I am also willing to make SMS service when my picks will be paid.
I will send 1-5 picks at one day from the bookies mentioned at my home website.
I will have ~20% of profit every season.


Simple and profitable - that's what I'm trying to offer here. If you have any hesitations, questions or anything else - please email me at tonybasketpicks@gmail.com. I will reply as soon as I can.





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